Thermal Cast Refractory

Thermal Refractory

Fibre Board has completely revolutionized the refractory market in the past 8 years. As one of the first companies to implement this technology, THS has produced thousands of refractory sets for several of the industries top Boiler brands. With the aid of C.N.C. technologies, our machine centre can produce intricate and precise machining of ceramic fibre board, with use limits up to 3000°f and densities up to 50 lb/ft.

The superior rigidity of Thermal Cast refractory will minimize the risk of shipping, handling, and installation damage, as well as enhance the performance and efficiency of your boiler. Thermal Cast is precut to the specific size requirements of the boiler you are working on. All the information we need is make & model, and you can leave the rest to us.

Thru extensive testing, Thermal Cast will out last regular pre-cast refractory by up to 4 times its life span, and carries an industry first “2 Year Warranty.”

  • No cracks or collapsing, sold by the brick or by the set.

Product specifications

Thermal Cast products are vacuum formed from a slurry alumina-silica fibre and binders. These ridged, light weight boards and shapes offer low thermal conductivity, high temperature stability, uniform density, and excellent resistance to thermal shock, and chemical attack.

These products are well suited for applications experiencing vibration and mechanical stress. The excellent rigidity and modulus of rupture processed by these boards and shapes make them strong and self supporting yet relatively light weight and easy to cut or machine.

Did you know?

Did you know that during the initial heating of the Thermal Cast refractory, a small amount or organic binder will start to burn off at approximately 450° F (232°C). Once this material has burned off, there will be no further off-gassing. Caution should be exercised during this period which should last no longer then 15 minutes.

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