Welcome Thermal Hydronics Supply

Quality products, seven-days-a-week service, 24 hour emergency service, same-day turnaround – these building blocks have allowed Thermal Hydronic Supply Ltd. (T.H.S.) of Vaughan, Ontario to quickly grow into a trusted and reputable wholesaler who’s customer base has expanded across North America. T.H.S. has been servicing the HVAC industry since 1999. With more than 70 years of collective experience in the boiler & hydronic field, T.H.S. has achieved its goal of becoming a leader in the aftermarket and replacement parts business. With our constant dedication to service, and a “customer comes first” attitude, our toll-free number (1-877-836-7772) has become an important one to almost every major heating contractor in Canada and the U.S. Our 20,000 sq ft facility is always well stocked, with the latest and greatest technology available in our industry. Our fully trained staff is onsite to assist you with solving any issue you may have come across out in the field and help you locate the part you need to keep you customers happy.  We are a stocking distributor to several of the top brands we all have come to rely on in the HVAC Market place.

Your one stop shop is something we have spent years trying to perfect.  Anything from a ½” pex fitting, to pump, to a wall hung boiler……. T.H.S. has you covered.  We started out as a solution to the mechanical room, helping contractors like yourself get there buildings back up and running when things went wrong.  As time has passed we have evolved into much much more.

We will assist with your next project from concept to completion.  Full mechanical layouts, floor heating and piping diagrams, as well as snow melt and Hi-Velocity air conditioning design.  T.H.S will be there to supply all your equipment needs to get your job completed on time and under budget.

Thermal Hydronic Supply is also extremely proud to be the new exclusive North American dealer for RADIANT BOILERS & WATER HEATERS. From boilers, to water heaters, to a fully designed snow melt system…. T.H.S. has what you need to get your next job done right.

Contact us at 905.265.1527 or  info@thermalhydronics.com should you be interested in becoming a Radiant dealer, or need help with your next hydronic project, or are looking for something as simple as a replacement part for any number of manufactures we support in our great industry. Our staff will be more than happy to help in any way that we can.